Our goal at the Pregnancy Help Center is to offer you the support you need no matter what choice you make. You are important to us and we want only the best for you and your future.

Earn While You Learn

Our Earn While You Learn program lets you “shop” for much-needed baby items while learning about parenting at the same time. As you complete a course, you’ll earn “Baby Bucks.” You can “spend” those bucks on items in our Baby Boutique. You can get diapers, wipes, formula, and other baby necessities. In addition, you can save up your bucks for a stroller, baby bed, or even a new car seat.

Post-abortion Healing

Whether it was yesterday or years ago, if you experienced an abortion, we’re here to talk about what you’re now going through. For some women, abortion is an extremely painful loss. If that’s you, don’t live in pain any longer. We can help you. Contact us for a no-cost private consultation.

Adoption Referrals

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at adoption, we offer resources and referrals to reputable adoption agencies in our area. You’re not committing to an adoption plan by calling and asking questions. Take your time and learn as much as possible.