It’s no surprise that men struggle with an unplanned pregnancy too. After all, you’re 50% of the equation. We want you to know you are not alone. The Pregnancy Help Center is here for both men and women. If you have questions or need someone safe to talk to, we’re available. Schedule a private no-cost appointment today.

First Things First

Those were four words you weren’t expecting to hear. “I think I’m pregnant.” You might feel angry, sad, or even excited. No matter what, you need to know what to do first. We’ve got some advice for you. Here’s where you should begin:

Confirm The Pregnancy

Bring your partner to the Pregnancy Help Center for no-cost pregnancy testing. Even if she’s taken an at-home test, it’s important to confirm it with clinical testing. An RN will oversee the process so there’s very little room for error.

Get an ultrasound

A positive pregnancy test result is only the beginning of the information you need to make a pregnancy decision. If you’re both considering abortion, you’ll need to know if the pregnancy is growing and how many weeks she’s been pregnant. It’s also possible she’s already had a natural miscarriage.

Talk about your options

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, couples often think their only option is abortion, but you have others. Talk to us about the procedures, side effects, and potential risks of abortion. Plus, we can talk about making an adoption plan or co-parenting.

Supporting Your Partner

You both need time to process the news. Right now, the best thing you can do is work through this with her. Your reputation is on the line as much as hers. By showing her you’re willing to take your share of the responsibility, she’ll have the courage to make the best choice for both of you.

Keep communicating with one another. Many women have said if their partner had spoken up about what was important to them, they would have made a different choice. Ultimately, the decision is hers, but she needs to hear from you.

Do You Just Want To Talk?

You need somewhere to let out the anger and frustration. We can be that place for you. We have men who are available to talk with you and offer advice man-to-man. Schedule a no-cost appointment and we can work this out together.